Changing Diapers

Since retiring my wife and I have been watching our firstborn grandson since our daughter had to go back to work. So many things we do not remember from raising our own four kids! But diapers … we remember!!!

My wife received the book, Every Moment Holy, and there are two liturgical messages about changing diapers! What a blessing we have to be able to spend this time with our grandson … diapers and all! Here is one of the prayers!

Blessings in ALL you do!

A Liturgy for the Changing of Diapers

Heavenly Father, in such menial moments as this-the changing of a diaper-I would remember this truth: that o me My unseen labors are not lost,for it is these repeated actsof small sacrifice that-like bright, ragged patches-are slowly being sewn into a quilt of lovingkindnessthat swaddles this child
I am not just changing a diaper. By love and service I am tending a budding heart that, rooted early in suchgrace-filled devotion, might one day be more readily-inclined to bow to your compassionate conviction-knowing itself then as both a receptacle and a reservoir of heavenly grace.

So this little act of diapering-though in form sometimes feltas base drudgery – might bebetter described as one of ten thousand acts by which I am actively creating a culture of compassionate service and selfless love to shape the life of this family and this beloved child.
So take this unremarkable act of necessary service, O Christ, and in your economy let it be multiplied into the greater outworking of worship and of faith, a true investment in the incremental advance of your kingdomacross generations.

Open my eyes that I might see this act for what it is from the fixed vantage of eternity, O Lord-
how the changing of a diaper might sit upstream of the changing of a heart; how the changing of a heart might sit upstream of the changing of the world. Amen


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